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Philips 32PFL9603D/10

The 32PFL9603D/10 32 inch LCD TV is one of the top models from Philips currently available.  It claims a lot of perfection so just how perfect is it in practice? Read more..

Panasonic TX-32LZD81

Panasonic’s TX-32LZD81 LCD television raises the bar for packing in features at the 32 inch screen size.

Let’s look at some of the extras: Read more..

Sony KDL-32L4000

This 32 inch LCD television from Sony is another excellent addition to the Bravia range. It’s HD ready and comes complete with a digital tuner. It receives analogue signals too. Read more..


Dell is traditionally known for supplying high quality computer systems at very competitive prices. But that’s not all Dell does. Dell is now taking on the big flat screen tv players at their own game, and it looks like they are onto a winner. There is now a healthy range of Dell LCD TVS to choose from. Read more..

Samsung LN-S3251D LCD TV

Top of the 32 inch LCD tvs is the LN-S3251D from Samsung. This is, without doubt, a very stylish television. Its luscious, glossy finish is very usefully complemented by a swivel stand. Read more..


Although screen sizes of LCD TVs are getting bigger all the time, there is still a place for the 13 inch LCD television. Its unobtrusive size makes it ideal for a bedroom, study or kitchen. Read more..

LCD Brackets

So, you’ve made the move to an LCD tv and now you’re wondering where to put it? If it’s a small lcd tv, perhaps 15″ or 17″ you may have put it on a shelf. You might also want to consider an LCD bracket to mount it below a kitchen cabinet if you’re using your LCD tv in the kitchen. Read more..

LCD TV vs Plasma TV

Plasma TV Vs LCD TV

If you are thinking about getting a flat panel tv, you are probably asking the question LCD or Plasma. Visually LCD televisions and Plasma televisions look very similar and both are capable of turning in a great performance. But that is where the similarities end. It is important to understand that LCD and Plasma are completely different technologies. Read more..