Although screen sizes of LCD TVs are getting bigger all the time, there is still a place for the 13 inch LCD television. Its unobtrusive size makes it ideal for a bedroom, study or kitchen.

A 13 inch LCD tv will have the usual mounting options: wall or shelf. Additionally, 13 inch LCD tvs can be mounted beneath kitchen cabinets using a fold down frame. It is important to check what mounting options come supplied with your particular 13 inch LCD TV.

13 Inch LCD TVS – What Is Available?

What are your options if you are considering a 13 inch LCD television?

Sharp LC-13SH6U 13″ 4:3 LCD Television

Sharp’s compact 13″ LC-13SH6U is an affordable way to have a bright, clear TV picture in a bedroom, office, or kitchen. Its clean, contemporary look is enhanced by the side-mounted speakers and black-and-silver styling. Sharp’s high-performance LCD panel design includes an effective anti-glare coating that provides greater brightness and wider viewing angles. This bright, glare-resistant picture easily overpowers room lights even the bright overhead lighting in the typical kitchen.

The supplied stand is perfect for a desktop or countertop, and it detaches if you’d prefer wall-mounting (please note that the bracket not included).

ViewSonic N1300 13″ LCD TV

ViewSonic’s compact, lightweight 13 inch N1300 LCD television is a bright, high contrast TV ideal for use in your kitchen, office or bedroom. This 13 inch LCD tv comes with a convenient wall/under-cabinet mount so you can view crystal-clear TV without any further purchases. As well as the integrated tuner there is also provided a range of options for connecting multiple video sources.

13 inch LCD Televisions – Problems

A compact, 13 inch LCD television is undoubtedly a very useful addition to a room where you want to be able to keep an eye on the TV but do not want, or have room for, a larger model. Unfortunately, as manufactures push towards ever bigger LCD tv screen sizes, it is getting much harder to find something as small as a 13 inch LCD TV.


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